Uzbekistan Is Trading on Its Horrific Reputation

Earlier today Amsterdam & Peroff LLP issued a press release on behalf of their client Oxus Gold Plc, which is currently experiencing an unlawful expropriation attempt at the hands of the government of Uzbekistan.  Below is an extract of the Associated Press coverage of the story.  More news and information to come.

Robert Amsterdam, who is representing Oxus Gold PLC in an upcoming international arbitration case, said the Uzbek authorities’ accusations are part of a government plot to steal the company’s gold-mining assets.

Uzbekistan’s government looks set to gain complete control over the lucrative gold industry, which would further taint its poor investment reputation. (…)

Let me make it very clear, the Uzbeks have offered nothing,” Amsterdam said.

It is unclear what period the alleged tax irregularities cover or what amount is due. The Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Ministry could not be reached for clarification.

Amsterdam said Uzbek authorities were counting on their bad reputation to intimidate Oxus.

“They think they can intimidate people into shutting up … but the answer is that we are not going to allow them to trade on their horrific reputation, we are going to fight back,” he said.