Video: Venezuela’s Quiet Anti-Semitism

Here’s what’s going on over at my new Venezuela Report blog:  One could be forgiven for buying into the illusion of Hugo Chávez’s Venezuelan socialist utopia, especially those living comfortably abroad in open and free democracies.  After all, this is government praised effusively by the well-meaning vanguard of the Left (and I do believe that they are for the most part well meaning) such as Sean Penn and Danny Glover, combined with the successful marketing of the Chavista cocktail of fervent anti-Americanism combined with the illusion of social inclusion.  However the truth on the ground is much more complicated, to put it extremely lightly.


A man walks past a grafitti depicting a Palestinian boy and a slogan meaning “Long life to the Palestinian people’s resistance” in a low income suburb of Caracas on January 15, 2009. Venezuela broke diplomatic ties with Israel over its deadly military offensive in the Gaza Strip. (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)