Wikileaks: ‘Tactical Ad-Hocery’ in Georgia

Here’s an excerpt from another new Wikileak-ed document from 2008, released over the weekend, which contains some opinions from the American Embassy in London regarding Russia’s military involvement in Georgia.  The document, sent to Washington, speculates that Russia didn’t have a clear plan, and might come to regret its support of Georgia’s breakaway states:
The UK sees recent Russian foreign policy actions as a “continuum” in Moscow’s goal to maintain influence in its near abroad and to deter western influence, especially NATO enlargement. The UK therefore reads the military action in Georgia as part of a pattern – exemplified by recent Russian policy on CFE, Missile Defense and other multilateral initiatives – in implementation of the same strategy. Davenport views the tactics employed by Moscow in that regard as “hit and miss,” leading to an opportunistic approach, as opposed to a coordinated planning process in the Kremlin. He cites Russia’s recognition of South Ossetian and Abkhazian independence as “tactical ad-hocery” which many in Moscow might now regret given the lack of support for recognition even from Russia’s close friends.
The full text can be found here.