Departures Podcast with Peter Pomerantsev

I will be honest – I was personally very excited to have Peter Pomerantsev come on to the podcast for today’s episode. Not just because he’s extraordinarily well versed in modern day Russian politics and brings a distinctive, sharp critical voice to the almost unfathomable levels of crookery and corruption that characterizes that country’s government, […]

Departures Podcast with Stephen Kinzer

In the aftermath of World War II, instead of prosecuting certain German and Japanese officials for various war crimes, the Central Intelligence Agency decided it would be more useful to recruit some of them into their own ranks, thus opening one of the most bizarre chapters in Cold War history under the agency’s director Allen […]

Departures Podcast with Robert Patterson

Our podcast is often focused on international affairs, often involving countries where our law firm is active. But given the dramatic developments taking place in the United States in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, we are confronted with the fact that many of the same authoritarian abuses, the same […]

Departures Podcast with Barry Gewen

There are few other living historical figures more divisive that Henry Kissinger, and few others who attract such impassioned debate. Was he an ambitious figure, monstrously bereft of conscience, or a master strategist who accepted the world as it is and deftly manufactured outcomes that benefitted his country? We’re so pleased to have the opportunity […]

Departures Podcast with Sean McFate

The United States spends trillions on its military, but are we really achieving stronger national security? Not really, says Sean McFate, the author of The New Rules of War, an incisive exploration of what it takes to win today’s wars. In his conversation with host Robert Amsterdam, McFate argues that the US has become obsessed with […]

Departures Podcast with Jeffrey Smith

There are a lot of pundits out there declaring democracy promotion to be dead on arrival in the Trump era. But there’s still an important community of activists fighting for the cause against the odds and even winning. “Democracy matters and democratic leadership matters, even in the face of a fast-moving crisis like the coronavirus,” […]

Departures Podcast with Stephen Krasner

If engineering democracy abroad is next to impossible, and autocrats will not accept reforms that could cause them to lose power, how can the US engage with illiberal regimes without enabling them? This question is at the center of Dr. Stephen Krasner’s most recent book, How to Make Love to a Despot: An Alternative Foreign […]

Departures Podcast with Kim Dotcom

In just a few short months, the global coronavirus crisis has already shown its power to reshape the world, as many professionals shift to working from home (some permanently), and as we watch how technology plays a larger and larger role in our day to day lives. One party that benefits greatly from this trend? […]

Departures Podcast with Joshua Yaffa

Is it better to fight an authoritarian government and lose, or work with that government and survive to fight another day? In this latest episode of Departures, Bob interviews Joshua Yaffa, Moscow Correspondent for the New Yorker and author of Between Two Fires: Truth, Ambition, and Compromise in Putin’s Russia, about the mentalities of the people who brought […]

Departures Podcast with Angela Stent

On the latest episode of Departures, Robert Amsterdam speaks with Professor Angela Stent, director of the Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies and a professor at Georgetown University about her book, “Putin’s World: Russia Against the West and with the Rest.” In her book, Stent examines Russia’s long-troubled relationship with the West, while […]