New White Paper: One Minute to Midnight – The Cameroon Crisis

Today Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Partners LLP is proud to launch its latest white paper, “One Minute to Midnight: The Cameroon Crisis,” focusing on the tragic and unchecked rise of authoritarian rule under the dictatorship of Paul Biya, the exploitation of the Anglophone crisis as a pretext for human rights abuses, and the unlawful detention and violations of rights of opposition leader Maurice Kamto and the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (“CRM”).

“This white paper will place in historical perspective today’s crisis in governance in Cameroon brought about by the kleptocrat Paul Biya as well as France and other nations that have served as handmaidens of tyranny,” writes Robert Amsterdam, the international lawyer retained by Mr. Kamto and the CRM last fall. “As we enter the thirty-ninth year of Paul Biya’s presidency, Cameroonians cannot falter or give in, and the international community has no excuse but to take action. It is time for this unelected junta to come to an end.”

“One Minute to Midnight” presents a detailed record of the evidence of human rights violations and attacks on the political rights of the democratic opposition led by Mr. Kamto, who previously served as a highly regarded and distinguished member of the International Law Commission of the United Nations from 1999 to 2016, and makes a clear call to action on behalf of France, the United States, and the international community to immediately stop propping up this destructive, criminal regime.

Download and read the full version of the white paper here or embedded below.

One Minute to Midnight : The Cameroon Crisis – A White Paper by Amsterdam and Partners LLP by Robert Amsterdam on Scribd