Departures Podcast with Drew Hinshaw

In April 2013, in a distant corner of Nigeria, a terrorist group kidnapped some 300 schoolgirls, eventually igniting a global advocacy campaign that brought an unprecedented level of international attention to the country. This global attention, which involved interventions by Western intelligence agencies, military advisors, and a plethora of aid NGOs, has not necessarily always […]

Livre Blanc: Minuit moins une – la crise du Cameroun

Aujourd’hui Amsterdam & Partners LLP est fier de lancer la version française de son nouveau livre blanc « Minuit moins une : la crise du Cameroun », qui traite de la montée tragique et incontrôlée d’un régime autoritaire sous la dictature de Paul Biya, marquée par l’exploitation de la crise anglophone comme un prétexte aux violations des droits […]

Departures Podcast with Luke Patey

In recent years, China has gradually transitioned from a “quiet rise” strategy under Hu Jintao to the “wolf warrior” mode of diplomacy, as the government seeks to take more aggressive actions to defend its interests and expand its influence in the international environment. While this has in many cases produced successful outcomes, there is also […]

Departures Interview with Selçuk Colakoğlu

Since the end of the Cold War, Turkey’s geostrategic relevance as a NATO ally bridging the West with Asia has been highlighted repeatedly – but there’s often been less attention on how Ankara’s role has been managed in terms of its relations with Beijing. This week Selçuk Çolakoğlu of the Turkish Center for Asia Pacific […]

Departures Podcast with Peter Cardwell

From the earliest days of representative government, special advisers have served an essential background role in politics, never more so than in the last 50 years in Great Britain. They have performed tasks both administrative and policy-oriented, mundane and extraordinary, and have affected domestic and even foreign policy matters, in both seen and unforeseen ways. […]

Minuit moins une: La crise camerounaise

Le Cameroun est souvent nommé « l’Afrique en miniature », du fait de sa diversité géographique et humaine. La diversité du Cameroun, qui devrait être un atout, est devenue la source de l’une des crises les plus négligées au monde. En simplifiant les choses, on peut dire que le Cameroun compte deux régions dites anglophones et huit […]