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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 23, 2014

TODAY: Putin blocks ad income for independent television channels, ends Gazprom pipeline monopoly; MH17 an accident, but U.S. still blames Russia; Litvinenko snub canceled out by British exports and oligarch party donations; Kudrin advises against military intervention in Ukraine; Russia to rebuild Crimean military; Moscow metro head fired. President Vladimir Putin signed so many bills […]

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 22, 2014

TODAY: Putin fails to apologise for airplane tragedy; Obama calls for Putin intervention as rebels hand over MH17 black box; unpredictability of Ukraine crisis scares investors; new sanctions threatened as officials say existing restrictions may affect Rosneft privatisation plans; Germany says sanctions affect its companies; Severstal pulls out of U.S. market. President Vladimir Putin came […]

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What Putin Should Do, ASAP

I agree with Leonid Bershidsky’s argument here – but with the clock ticking, I fear that Putin will be cornered into a typical defensive position of denial: By disowning the rebels immediately — in the form of criminal proceedings against the Russian citizens among them, the immediate withdrawal of any Russian aid for them and […]

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MH17 and Putin’s Recklessness in Ukraine


Putin’s criminal recklessness in Ukraine does not come as a surprise, rather it has been a hallmark of his leadership.

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 18, 2014

TODAY: Malaysian airliner brought down in eastern Ukraine; 298 people dead; Kiev blames pro-Russia rebels; stakes in conflict raised. Sanctions ‘soft’ says Kudrin; Novatek asserts its activity will not be compromised; ECHR comes down hard on metal cages.  A Malaysia Airlines jet carrying 298 passengers and crew has crashed in eastern Ukraine, 60 kilometers from the […]

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 17, 2014

TODAY: EU and US increase Russia sanctions, target companies directly, Lavrov says news is ‘sad’; activists take complaints to ECHR; Kirov authorities ban gmail for students; house arrest extended for Navalny associate; Russia and Cuba to re-open spy base. Europe and the US have increased their economic sanctions against Russia over claims of the Kremlin’s […]

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 16, 2014

TODAY: Putin wants to use BRICS to defend against Western sanctions; BRICS announce HQ of bank and plot a currency reserve; Russia and Ukraine still trading accusations over fighting; former Interior Ministry officials admit to abusing power; activist faces 5 years for tugging policeman’s sleeve; obscenity law to trash independent film. 22 dead in Moscow […]

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 15, 2014

TODAY: BRICS bank is coup, or too late? Putin praises alliance, plans to discuss US sanctions at BRICS summit; Putin’s crackdown will hurt economy, says entrepreneur; Navalny allies lose Moscow City Duma places; Yukos allies expect payouts; Russia re-amassing troops on Ukraine border, says Kiev, NATO. The $100 billion BRICS development bank and reserve currency […]

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 14, 2014

TODAY: Russia threatens Ukraine in wake of more fighting; Merkel and Putin meet in Brazil; Italy blocking sanctions? Putin ends Latin American tour celebrating various new deals; activist Novodvorskaya dies. The Foreign Ministry responded to an incidence of shelling across the border from Ukraine into Russia – which led to the death of one Russian […]

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 11, 2014

TODAY: Putin heads to Latin America, cancels Cuba debt, says Brazil a key global player; new rules for state company bank accounts; France and Germany call for Ukraine cease-fire; summer camps to deter children from activism; Marvel comics to be investigated. Speaking on the eve of a trip to Latin America, President Vladimir Putin called […]

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